Mum for Mum

No new mother should feel isolated and alone.

MUM FOR MUM NCJWA is a non-denominational home-visiting program where trained volunteers who are mothers themselves visit an expectant mum in the last trimester of pregnancy and for the first year of their baby’s life in order to provide emotional support.

With the changes in people’s lifestyles, where most mothers are not living in close proximity to their families or the supports with which they grew up, MUM FOR MUM aims to relieve isolation and reduce anxiety and depression, through creating a safe and caring space for mums to delight in their babies and develop secure attachment.

MUM FOR MUM NCJWA was awarded the NAPCAN Play Your Part Award from the National Association for the Protection of Children Against Child Abuse and Neglect at Parliament House in October 2018. See the video.

Nadene Alhadeff
Executive Director and Eastern Suburbs Coordinator

“Our aim is to affirm the joy of motherhood and to enable the mother to be fully attuned to her child’s needs in the vital first year of the baby’s life. Our evaluation of the program at the end of each year through exit interviews with all recipients shows that we are achieving our objectives.”

Mum for Mum Infographic

Our program operates in the Sydney Eastern Suburbs, North Shore and surrounding areas.

“MUM FOR MUM provides a unique service that in my 30 years in the field I have seen many organisations strive for, but few able to achieve. This is weekly emotional support and mentoring by the same highly trained volunteer for an entire year. Given the vagaries of the health-care system, I know this is extremely hard to achieve.”

– Ambassador of MUM FOR MUM NCJWA Professor Marie-Paule Austin, Director of Perinatal Psychiatry at the Royal Hospital for Women and Director of St John of God Mother-Baby Unit.

Professor Marie-Paule Austin


  • MUM FOR MUM is an exceptional program and I hope that others will benefit as much as I did from it.
  • Out of all the supports I accessed in my first year, I found this the most worthwhile. My volunteer was more than a mum, filled the gap and was non-judgemental.
  • I have been singing your praises to anyone who will listen!
  • For someone who was so unsure in the beginning, I feel very lucky to have joined. I hope one day I can give back what MUM FOR MUM has given me.
  • My volunteer has been such a good listener, was so understanding and has really helped to motivate me when I have been struggling to find motivation during this time. Thanks so much to you, the MUM FOR MUM organisation and Jewish Community for caring so much and helping during this time. I cannot thank you enough for the support I have received.
  • Things have become much easier since I saw you, and I am very grateful for MUM FOR MUM.
  • My volunteer taught me how to play with my child. It was the first time I had seen my baby laugh.
  • The program has been very valuable. I was very anxious as my baby was premature. When I was sick of being in the home, she got me out of the house and we would have a coffee, when I was lonely, she kept me company. She helped me problem solve. She even came to the clinic with me for support and came with me to see the day care. She was very assuring that I was “doing great”. When I went back to Spain she helped me adjust back to Sydney, as I was very depressed leaving my family in Spain.
  • Just saw Sarah for the last time. I’m so proud of her, she’s gone from a terrified bundle of jelly to a strong, confident woman with a goal, a strategy and direction. She’s going to be great!! Thanks for all the support.


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“The program has been fantastic. MUM FOR MUM has really given me confidence to feel and get the support I need.”